Good, old-fashioned service.

Remember when you could walk into a store and expect a friendly smile, good advice, and maybe even a joke? Well, we never forgot.

We love to send happy customers out the door.

Since Herm Barlow Sr. and Ed Trepal opened the doors over 50 years ago, the philosophy of Mansfield Supply has remained the same: “Service is what we sell". We always try to satisfy our customers. This mindset has guided the family business for four generations. We're about providing solutions for your home and business--you can get products in all sorts of places, but quick and reasonable solutions can be hard to come by. Give us a try--we think you'll like what you find.

"What do you do?"

Well, here's the short answer: "What do you need?"

Mansfield Supply takes service to the next level.
Besides selling thousands of fantastic items, here are a few things you can be assured we'll do for you.

- Replace tool handles (rakes, shovels, axes...)

- Sharpen chain saws, hand saws, knives, lawnmower blades, clippers, and other tools

- Repair windows and screens of any size and shape

- Make custom windows (even thermal) and screens

- Cut window shades to size

- Cut various thicknesses of glass, Plexiglas, and Lexan to size

- Replace safety glass, or sliding doors

- Glass edge seaming

- Match any paint color, whether you have a formula book or not! (just bring in a nice sample bigger than a quarter)

- Receive your unused paint for recycling as a part of Connecticut's PaintCare program

- Duplicate keys (for your house, car, padlock, mailbox, lawnmower...)

- Clone or program transponder keys

- Re-key and master-key locks for your home or business

- Cut and thread black and galvanized pipe

- Photocopy and fax materials

- Professionally refill propane tanks, from 10 lbs to 100 lbs, including RV tanks

- Cut PVC, pipe, rebar, and lumber to size - you only pay for what you take home

- Cut any length of wire, cable, chain, rope, or tubing

- Repairs broken lamps or other small electrical devices

- Rent out RugDoctors, standard and wide, with all the accessories

- Deliver large loads of mulch, soil, hay and straw locally

- Recommend products and methods for big and small jobs

- Deal honestly with every question and freely give professional advice when it falls within our areas of expertise

We hope to serve you soon!