Somebody's gotta do it.

Plumbing supply companies send their customers here for repair parts.

When that drip has gone unchecked for too long, come to the destination of so many troubled plumbers. We have solved hundreds of plumbing problems and are used by many local shops as a place of referral. Why go elsewhere first? Come to our shop and we'll get your water back in order.

Mansfield Supply has the tools, parts and fixtures in stock that you need to repair your plumbing breakdowns. For everyday nuisances and minor jobs, we have the drain openers, snakes and plungers to keep your drains flowing and your water running. We also carry a wide selections of pipes, valves, washers, o-rings, flappers and other miscellaneous parts needed to fix most toilets and sinks, or to re-plumb your entire house.

We stock ABS, PVC, copper, steel and PEX pipe and fittings. We also have a pipe threading machine to custom fit any pipe up to 2" diameter.