Dear Neighbor,

Mansfield Supply is known for its customer service. Our basement workshop has proven a lifesaver to many! We are not driven by the bottom line, but by the desire to provide solutions and exceed the expectations of our customers. So even if you don't have a leak, just stop by to say hello and we'll see if we can put a smile on your face!

We don't try to imitate big-box stores, but to be your helpful neighbor. We hire full-time employees, and the owners are always in the shop. Our knowledgeable staff focuses on providing friendly and helpful service. Many of our employees have been with the store for several decades, and they all have an in-depth knowledge of our products. We have the most qualified retail help in the area. If we don't meet or exceed your expectations, please let us know. We put our resources into product and service instead of mass marketing, so if you think we do a good job, tell your friends! Customers with positive experiences are our best advertising.

We have the buying power of Ace Hardware, but have chosen to opt out of Ace's advertising. Not being encumbered by a corporate program frees up space and resources to better meet your needs. The way we have survived for over 50 years is by listening to you. Being local and owner-operated means that we are able to serve you much better than any place that has to answer to a corporate board.

We hope to see you soon!

Herman Jr. and Glenn Barlow